Stained glass workshop in Ile de France since 1992

Dedicated to safeguarding stained glass heritage, the workshop carries out as many restotion works as studies. It also contributes to the training of many young talents. A recent opening on creatoin allows him to enhance certain artistic journey.

Conservation – Restoration

Works and studies

A graduate of the State, Isabelle Baudoin offers advice and work associated with project management or work projects in the monumental field, and all technnical assistance for museums

Private Order 

Restore – Create – Present – Authenticate – Promote

From the amateur to the collector, via the antique dealers or owners of classifed goods, the stained glass workshop accompagnies you in your projects of presentation, conservation – restoration creation or restitution in respect of the artworks that you entrust to us.



Artists on display and practical information to visit or participate in events. But also a light on certain works in progress …

« La petite voleuse » © Juliette Choné


School projects – Visits – Initiations adults/children

Already engaged in university education, Isabelle Baudoin wishes to work with a younger audiance by supporting teacher projects. Introductory or advanced modules are regulary offered, for oneself or even to offer…

Des modules d’initiation ou de perfectionnement sont régulièrement proposés, pour soi ou même à offrir…

For all advice

  • Adresse :

    Accueil du public et adresse postale

    au 43 bis rue Viala 94100 Saint- Maur-des- Fossés

    Atelier en Essonne ( siège ) :

    19 avenue Alexandre Dumas 91550 Paray-Vieille-Poste

  • Téléphone :

    06 25 86 43 63

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  • Horaire :

    Visite / réception sur RDV ou aux horaires des expositions

    au 43 bis rue Viala 94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

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