Stained glass
Isabelle Baudoin

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Services - private sector

Orders in the private sector are as much for restoration as they are for creation or making copies of old stained glass.

Restoration work

It follows the same ethical rules as the work done for the public sector. Moreover, private owners are often very demanding and ask many questions to assure that their pieces are restored correctly.

The workshop restores stained glass conserved in private buildings but also from collectors or antique dealers. The workshop can also help owners of historical buildings present the glass if the site is open to the public (by creating information signs for instance) and protect them from any form of vandalism or accident caused by their exposure.

Creation Work

We usually deal with orders using traditional restoration techniques: leading of the glass, enamel and greyish painting of glass destined for private houses. Those with large sized projects or needing modern stained glass technologies are sent to specialized colleagues. The workshop does not for instance; deal with the creation of monuments. It can however design decorations for historical dwellings in adequacy with already existing elements.

The making of copies

The workshop can take on any order, from the personalization of a piece for a particular event to the creation of enormous elements. From the 12th to the 20th century the French stained glass art has brought us many varieties of works. The workshop possesses a number of models that can be adapted to produce high quality work suiting every desire. Shipping to other countries is possible. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A few references

Restoration of the private chapel of the castle of saint Jean-de-Beauregard

Extrication of medieval stained glass walled up in the priory of Bray-sur-Aunette

Restoration for the gallery « Les Enluminures », Louvre des Antiquaires, Paris.

And various works for collectors or private owners